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Mastering Data for the AI Lifecycle, Sales Strategy, Leveraging AI for Small Business and more!

Published on
September 27, 2022

Appen in the News: Q2 2022

There's no shortage of news about companies making innovative moves in AI, and Appen is no exception. Q2 headlines in key media publications highlight AI for small business, expert tips on managing data for the AI lifecycle, a breakthrough in synthetic data and more! Read on to see what news outlets had to say about Appen last quarter.

16 Tips To Help Small Businesses Start Leveraging AI/ML

Forbes Technology Council and key industry leaders share insights on how AI/ML can help small businesses and how they can begin their AI journey. Chief Product Officer, Sujatha Sagiraju, highlights pre-labeled datasets as a cost-efficient way to jumpstart your AI journey.

Managing The Data For The AI Lifecycle

It's time to shift the conversation from which business problems AI can solve to how to make your AI technology the best it can be—and that conversation starts with understanding the AI lifecycle. CPO Sujatha Sagiraju shares the four stages of data for the AI Lifecycle in this Forbes article.

How to master the data lifecycle for successful AI

AI teams tend to say that their main challenge isn’t building the model itself but understanding exactly how to source and label AI training data at scale, managing the models long-term, and checking for real-world model performance. The AI data lifecycle is dynamic and ever-changing, and the approach we take to manage its different components need to be dynamic as well. VentureBeat taps Appen Chief Product Officer, Sujatha Sagiraju, to share key considerations as you move through the data for the AI lifecycle.

Mindtech Enables Automated Creation of Millions of ‘Synthetic Actors’

Datanami posted this article featuring our partner, Mindtech Global, developer of the world’s leading platform for the creation of synthetic data for training AI. The company has released a significant update to its Chameleon platform, which now enables the automated creation of millions of individual ‘actors’, placed into virtual worlds, creating synthetic data for training AI visual systems addressing a wide range of markets, including retail, security, smart city and home.

11 Ways To Align Company Goals With Business Development Efforts

Forbes Business Council and key industry leaders share insights into how to align business development efforts with company goals. SVP and GM of Enterprise, Jen Cole, takes those high-level goals and break them down into quarterly objectives with measurable targets.

12 Tech Leaders’ Top Strategies For Prioritizing Internal Bugs And Feature Requests

Sujatha Sagiraju, Appen CPO, and key industry leaders join the Forbes Technology Council to share top strategies for prioritizing product requests. Her advice is to develop a model for prioritization in the context of the broader product strategy and align with leaders in the organization.

10 Ways To Structure A Stronger Sales Strategy For Business Teams

Industry leaders from Forbes Business Development Council share their insights to help build a successful structured sales strategy. Jen Cole, Appen SVP and GM of Enterprise, starts with establishing ideal customer profiles to target to drive demand generation and customer engagement activities.

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