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The Appen Platform streamlines the AI data development process, from data collection and annotation to model evaluation and performance testing, ensuring you can safely, securely and rapidly deploy advanced AI solutions tailored to your unique use case.

One Platform for your AI Lifecycle

With our platform you have the capability to curate, fine-tune, challenge and monitor data with precision and ease. Our platform's multifaceted functionalities make it an indispensable tool for all your data needs.

Confidence in Data Quality at Every Step

Efficiency and quality are crucial for AI success in data annotation. Seamlessly manage workflows and collaboration, effortlessly organize data, facilitate communication, and analyze performance.

Transform Audio Transcription with Structured Annotation

Utilize our cutting-edge Audio Transcription tool for accurate transcriptions. Securely upload files, define custom settings, assign tasks, easily review and download results in JSON format. Enhance efficiency in transcribing across languages and accents.

Streamline Data Collection and Categorization

Discover the power of ontologies for precise annotations at scale. Appen's Ontology Manager offers easy customization for data annotation. Effectively define classes, import/export ontologies, and categorize.

AI Data Expertise Second to None

Efficiently scale data annotation projects with our platform. Effortlessly manage contributors, ensure consistent data quality, and easily monitor progress to transform your workflow.

Fine-tune, Monitor and Evaluate Your LLMs

Appen's Platform simplifies large language model (LLM) development and deployment. Create custom datasets with ease, evaluate model performance, fine-tune securely, and conduct A/B testing for robust validation.

“We have been very impressed with Appen’s deep expertise in AI training data and deep knowledge of model evaluation, modeling, and benchmarking, [enabling them to] safely and responsibly bring generative AI to businesses.”

Dr. Dani Yogatama

Co-founder and CEO of Reka

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High Quality Data at Scale

Discover how Appen accelerates the development of your AI applications.

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