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Appen AI data platform: accelerating your AI journey

Appen's AI Data Platform fuels innovation across the AI lifecycle - from traditional machine learning to cutting-edge generative AI. Harnessing human expertise, our flexible platform empowers enterprises to efficiently customize Large Language Models (LLMs) and streamline the entire data pipeline.

A platform powering enterprise AI for a decade

Appen's AI data platform is the trusted choice to build and scale enterprise AI applications.

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Key platform features

Integration to LLM APIs

Seamlessly integrate with live API end points from your models of your choice. Test your models against real-world scenarios, gather valuable insights from your data, and create a feedback loop with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Leverage the power of live APIs to iteratively improve your LLMs, enhance your data sets for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), fine-tune performance for specific use cases to ensure your LLM use cases achieve greater accuracy, are contextually relevant, and aligned with your unique requirements.


Modular annotation tooling that supports different modalities including text, image, audio, and video. Improve the quality of your existing data by adding attributes, such as metadata or classification labels.


Harness collective intelligence by seamlessly collaborating with internal subject matter experts or leveraging Appen's global crowd. Foster engagement through rich and detailed analytics driving insight and action. Streamline the feedback loop, enabling efficient incorporation of diverse perspectives to enhance your datasets and refine your models' performance. Unlock the power of collaboration to drive innovation and create AI solutions that resonate with real-world needs.


Gain comprehensive insights into model performance through robust testing and evaluation capabilities. Create and manage test datasets, run A/B tests to compare models across diverse criteria, and conduct external benchmarking for industry-leading results.

Analytics & insights

Gain deep visibility into data quality and model performance through comprehensive metrics, dashboards, and visualization tools. Monitor project progress and make data-driven decisions with powerful analytics capabilities.

Security and governance

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations and enhance auditability by capturing audit trails and version control for GenAI deployments.

Flexibility by design

Deployment options to fit the needs of your enterprise

We offer a range of deployment options tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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