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Diverse high-quality training data for AI.

Having the right training data is critical for developing accurate and reliable AI models. Appen provides meticulously curated, high-fidelity datasets tailored for deep learning use cases and traditional AI applications.

High quality training data with a human touch

Our global crowd of over 1 million generates richly annotated data across text, audio, image, and video modalities. Appen's advanced data pipeline, coupled with built-in quality control measures, delivers consistent, diverse datasets that capture real-world nuances and unlock the maximum performance from your deep learning investments.

Natural language processing

Elevate your model’s NLP capability by using Appen-curated data. Our expertise in collection, curation and annotation for the full AI and ML lifecycle will ensure your data needs are met to a high level of quality.  Our team of linguists, project managers and language experts can support your text annotation, text generation, evaluation and benchmarking needs – contact us to speak to an expert. Our pre-labeled datasets are also available for immediate use so you can get started right away.

Speech and audio processing

Appen covers the full range of Speech and Audio Processing needs from data collection through to transcription and annotation. Our AI Data Platform brings you the best in curation and annotation capability for high-quality, high-accuracy speech recognition, audio classification and voice command applications.

Computer vision

Appen's training data powers image segmentation, object detection, pattern detection, image classification, and more for video and image datasets enabling machines to interpret visual information.


Appen's training data supports traditional AI applications like categorizing and structuring data. It brings order and relevance to unstructured information for a variety of use cases including enhancing search algorithms, recommendation engines and online advertising.

Data collection

We offer custom data collection services across all modalities – text, image, audio, video – in any language, enabling us to create tailored datasets for training AI models. Our global workforce and advanced technology allow us to rapidly source and curate high-quality, diverse data at scale, including hard-to-find or niche data requirements.

Document intelligence

Improve document intelligence models with Appen's data curation and annotation capabilities. Our contributors excel in tasks like data extraction, summarization, and categorization, enabling traditional AI applications in document management.

Location-based services 

Strengthen location-based services with Appen's geo-spatial data. Enhance traditional AI applications related to mapping, GIS analysis, and location-based insights, ensuring accuracy in geographical intelligence.

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