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Solving ML Training Data Challenges at Google Cloud Next

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April 22, 2019

Appen recently exhibited at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco, our first event with our new colleagues from Figure Eight. Joining over 30,000 developers, product managers, data scientists, and more, we spent three days networking, learning, and problem solving.The event covered diverse topics ranging from data analytics and DevOps to networking, security, and storage. But we on the Appen team were especially excited for the great content and conversations around AI and ML.As a Google Cloud partner integrating with Auto ML, Appen + Figure Eight help companies quickly scale the creation of their machine learning training data. With industry-leading data annotation tools, global project management resources, and a crowd of over 1 million skilled annotators worldwide, we help companies get the large volumes of high-quality data they need to build and improve their machine learning solutions. Speaking with customers, partners, and prospects at the event, there were a few key themes shared by everyone who has successfully deployed large-scale ML programs:

  1. The increasing need for larger volumes of training data to support their programs — especially to tune the models they’ve already deployed
  2. Quality and speed requirements — needing properly structured data, fast
  3. The need for broad datasets that cover diverse real-world scenarios — especially concerning translation data for under-resourced languages, chatbot training to better route support requests, and more
  4. A heightened need for data security and privacy — especially when dealing with PII, payment data, and medical imaging data
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To deliver on these requirements, Appen offers a scalable, skillful, multilingual crowd; the world’s most innovative customer-facing SaaS platform with ML-assisted annotation via Figure Eight; and multiple delivery models to support data privacy requirements, including open contributors, curated work-from-home crowds, secure/NDA crowds, and on-site workers.—Are you currently using artificial intelligence to make smarter decisions, build innovative solutions, and deliver better customer experiences? Contact us to learn how Appen can help, or learn more about how we can help you get reliable training data for machine learning.

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