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Insights from LocWorld China 2017 | Data is Key

Published on
March 20, 2017

Danny Duan, VP of China Business Development, and Willa Lin, Senior Project Manager for Appen’s Language Resources team, recently attended LocWorld 2017 in Shenzhen, China.LocWorld, one of the leading conferences for translation, localization, and global website management, presented a range of sessions and speakers focusing on high-value information in the language marketplace.Danny and Willa gravitated toward one session in particular - “The Future of Language Service Under AI,” presented by Dr. Li from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.Dr. Li’s presentation had a clear emphasis on the role of data in helping the industry leverage AI developments. Identifying language processing as one of the most difficult AI problems currently, he said big data brings new hope. Machines are now able to complete many difficult language translation tasks because of big data integration. Neural Machine Translation, for example, a relatively new system that some think could approach human-level accuracy, has come a long way thanks to the combination of AI and big data.After Dr. Li’s presentation, one of the audience members asked for advice on how his organization could advance the quality of their Machine Translation services. Dr. Li listed three key components for improvement:

  • Platform
  • Algorithm
  • Quality Data

Dr Li singled out data as the most important component for technology developers to focus on – the more data a company has, the higher the quality its products are.The takeaway? AI technology can be leveraged, but quality data is needed - and you need a lot of it.That’s Appen’s role in the natural language and localization marketplace. We deliver high quality data to top technology companies across the world to help develop and improve AI aided translation and localization services.Are you getting the high-quality data you need to meet the needs of your customers? Contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your goals.

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