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Case Studies

Improving Safety on the Internet Through Search Relevance

Appen data makes Internet safe for children through search relevance
March 14, 2023

The Project

A popular children's video platform has a need to improve search relevance results and implement content filtering. This is to ensure appropriate content is available on the platform. It then requires a quality team to oversee the content being published to the popular platform. There is a quality check completely to ensure inappropriate material is being flagged and filtered out, before being shared with children.

The Challenge

With such a high volume of content being published to the platform, the company needed to be able to scale quickly. The specialized tasks were used to address children safety thresholds and protection on the platform. This is to allow users of all ages to successfully search relevance with safety from inappropriate content.

The company also needed to validate that age appropriate content filtering was working accurately.

The Solution

Appen’s ability to quickly implement the project and scale made them the data provider of choice. A Quality Team was then assembled to oversee the specialized rating guidance to ensure the ratings were accurate. In-task instructions were written by the quality team. This is to provide the Crowd with clarity on defined age groups, type of content, and definitions of inappropriate content.

Our Crowd support and engagement team built excitement around this project. To quickly fill the project roster and deliver on the high task volume.

The Result

The project is ongoing to continually ensure appropriate filtered content is being shared to each defined age group. The team reviews tens of thousands of video tasks regularly each month. They are able to identify videos which appeared safe for children at first glance, but has inappropriate voiceover content. Those videos were then flagged for vulgar and offensive content. Thus deterring inappropriate content views to children, making the platform experience safer for defined age groups.