Live Webinar: Navigating the Challenges to AI Success

Making AI Work in the Real World

March 26, 2019

If you’ve read your fair share of tech press, you’ve certainly been exposed to breathless forecasts about the promise and power of artificial intelligence. The thing is, a lot of those articles are light on detail or focus too heavily on algorithms and not on business value.

In this webinar, Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger takes an industry-by-industry perspective on true AI adoption.

We will cover:

  • An approach to AI that realizes business value
  • Real-world examples of businesses using AI to improve their bottom line
  • Real-world use cases in e-commerce, enterprise software, robotics & IoT, AgTech, and more

We will separate the hype from the reality, the theoretical from the practical, and the research labs from ROI.


Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger
VP of AI & Data