Live Webinar: Navigating the Challenges to AI Success

2020 Train AI Summit

October 14, 2020
6 Part Series
6 Part Series
October 14, 2020

The 2020 Train AI Summit featured speakers from leading technology companies sharing insight into real-world AI use cases. In this year’s virtual format, you’ll learn strategy and implementation tools available to you to help your organization deploy with confidence in 2020 and beyond. You’ll engage with and learn from other technology leaders to discover how companies are leveraging AI and explore the key determinants for success.

Each year, Train AI offers a unique opportunity to meet like-minded leaders, as well as share and learn how others are successfully leveraging AI in their business.

The 2020 Train AI Summit covers:

  • Responsible AI
  • Becoming an AI-first organization
  • Measuring AI product performance the right way
  • Quality and how to get it
  • Data acquisition and governance
  • The AI economy and its impact

Keynote: Leading Your Organization to Responsible AI

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Presenter: Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Appen has teamed up with the World Economic Forum to help tackle best practices for responsible AI. Join Kay Firth-Butterfield from the World Economic Forum as she shares insight into how and why we need standards and guidelines for responsible training data collection and creation across the world. She will offer practical solutions on topics ranging from user permission, privacy, security and how individuals are compensated for their work.

Becoming an AI-first Organization

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Presenter: Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger, Director of Product Management Blue Shield of California

Many organizations’ first start into AI is by dabbling in a few projects, but how do you lead your organization to intertwining AI as a key differentiator and building true business value? In this session we’ll walk you through what needs to be done to lead with AI.

Measuring AI Product Performance the Right Way

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Presenter: Wilson Pang, CTO at Appen, and Fei Long, Director and Head of Data Science and Engineering at Dropbox

Selecting the right KPIs for AI initiatives is critical to understanding the value-add of implementing AI for businesses. But are you targeting and optimizing the right metrics? We’ll cover common mistakes companies make when working to show ROI of AI.

The Quality Answers You Need Before Deploying AI Confidently

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Presenter: Kirsten Gokay, Product Manager at Appen and Lukas Biewald, Co-Founder and CEO of Weights & Biases

Ever wonder if you’re getting the right quality of data? We’ll walk through what questions to ask and what you can do to ensure the data you’re training your model on is the right quality – and how to handle below-par data before your model interacts with it.

Data Acquisition and Governance: Considerations and Framework for Success

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Presenter: Prithivi Pradeep, VP of Solution Architects at Appen, and Tom Taulli, Author and Forbes Contributor

Data is the new IP - AI can’t exist without a strong data acquisition and curation strategy. Planning the data pipeline, governance, and for growth and updating models regularly need to be part of the AI strategy from the outset.

AI Economy: Global AI with Local Impact

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Presenter: Participants from Salesforce, PwC UK, and Carvana

Companies participate in the AI economy beyond just releasing AI-powered products. They participate by utilizing contributors at a global scale to collect and annotate the training data they need to power their models. Access to a global crowd brings in diverse ideas, opinions, and values, which helps make AI work for everyone. But responsible AI goes beyond just making work AI for everyone. Learn how companies are addressing responsible AI practices through user permission, privacy, security, and how individuals are compensated for their work.