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Decades of Expertise

With almost three decades in the field, Appen has played a pivotal role in supporting interactions between consumers and AI. Our long-standing experience speaks volumes about our reliability and commitment to excellence. 


Most of today’s interactions between consumers and AI are supported by Appen.


The advanced enterprise data platform streamlines the efficiency of AI training data and supports the highest levels of model accuracy and innovation​.


Our exceptionally skilled and dedicated global team bring a passion for innovation to every project​.

Efficient Enterprise Data Platform

Our enterprise data platform represents the pinnacle of efficiency in AI training data. It supports high levels of model accuracy and innovation, streamlining the development process for AI systems. Appen's platform is designed to be a robust foundation for your AI initiatives.

Dedicated Global Team

Behind our success is a skilled and dedicated global team with a passion for innovation. Our workforce brings a wealth of expertise to every project. With access to the world's largest Crowd of over 1 million individuals, we ensure that your AI solutions benefit from a broad range of diverse perspectives.
“We are pleased with the high quality and speed of the delivered results and are happy to have engaged in this collaboration with Appen.”

Aleix Canet

Product Owner & Team Leader, Airbus

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High Quality Data at Scale

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