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Appen Launches New Platform Capabilities to Help AI Teams Optimize Large Language Models

Published on
March 26, 2024

The LLM Mandate

Foundation models are incredibly powerful building blocks for your enterprise LLM, but they are just that, a foundation. Your business is unique. Your knowledge of your business is unique.  You need to capture that knowledge and teach it to the foundation model of your choice.  It’s your people teaching your model about your business that will set you apart.

The LLM Customization Hurdle

To make LLMs enterprise-ready, companies focus on two key customization areas.

  1. Context optimization, which fine-tunes the model's responses to its unique operational environment.
  1. LLM optimization, which enhances its core capabilities and influences how the model needs to act.  

Effective LLM customization requires the expertise of subject matter experts and relevant data to ensure the models deliver consistent, repeatable, and value-aligned outputs.  Unfortunately, challenges with LLM customization can arise for many reasons, most often including fragmented processes, siloed data and disparate technologies.

Appen Solves Enterprise LLM Challenges 

Today, Appen is announcing the launch of new platform capabilities to support AI teams in their efforts to optimize large language models. These new capabilities offer enterprises a way to incorporate proprietary data and collaborate with internal subject matter experts to refine LLM performance for enterprise-specific use cases—all within a single platform.

Companies can deploy solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid – and balance LLM accuracy, complexity, and cost-effectiveness. Here’s how we do it:

Choose Your Model

Appen's platform connects directly to any model, enabling you to evaluate existing models, test new models, and conduct comprehensive benchmarking.

Prepare Your Data

High quality data is critical to accurate and trustworthy AI.  Appen's annotation platform enables the preparation of datasets for vectorization and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Build Prompts

To effectively validate model performance, a set of custom prompts are required for use cases.  Appen's platform enables you to connect with your internal experts or our global crowd for the creation of custom prompts for model evaluation.

Optimize Your Model

Appen's platform streamlines the process of capturing human feedback for model evaluation.  Our platform includes templates for human evaluation, A/B testing, model benchmarking and other custom workflows to inspect performance throughout your RAG process.

Make Your Model Safe

Appen's platform and Quality Raters help ensure that your models are safe to deploy.  We have detailed workflows and teams to support red teaming to identify toxicity, brand safety and harm.

Customizing LLMs for enterprise-specific use cases is necessary to stay competitive. Whether you're using context or LLM optimization, leveraging proprietary data and human expertise enables companies to enhance performance, differentiate in the market, and achieve unparalleled growth.

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